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Dear friend,

Please join us on Wednesday, June 21st for a MAGNVM OPVS Tasting Concert to support Surgeons of Hope in conjunction with On Site Opera! The event will take place from 6:00pm to 8:00pm in the Salon Rose of the Consulate General of France.

At a MAGNVM OPVS tasting concert, audiences are guided through a traditional wine tasting process, an exploration which uses the senses of sight, smell, taste, and touch. The wine tastings are built around specific singers, presenting specially curated wines alongside musical selections specifically chosen to highlight the parallels in both voice and wine.

Tickets to attend this event can be purchased via the link below. Proceeds from the benefit night will go towards saving the lives of children with congenital heart disease! For more information about the event, please click here. As always, your continued support is wonderful!

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Please purchase tickets by June 15.

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 Your support means everything to us. 

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Anyone can be a victim of congenital heart disease, even the most fortunate


Two weeks ago the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” show, which usually welcomes millions of viewers daily, went silent.  After a week without any public appearance, Kimmel came back on his show on Monday, explaining that he had just spent the most difficult days of his life following the birth of his son, born with a congenital heart disease. He went through the details of the procedures, from the moment a nurse detected the heart murmur to the surgery, and finally to bringing little Billy back home. Thankfully, Kimmel had many resources and contacted different doctors and surgeons to provide the best surgery and care for his newborn son, but it doesn’t take away the fear and helplessness he must’ve felt.

In his very emotional monologue, which has been seen (as of today) 10.5 million times on YouTube, Jimmy Kimmel stresses the financial and political support that children’s hospitals need to save children in situations like these.

Of course, Jimmy Kimmel is fortunate enough to have an easy access to the complex surgeries that heart diseases require, but for many it’s a luxury that few can afford. Surgeons of Hope strives to give every sick child and their parents the same chance and the same resources for cardiac surgery, so that no life gets stopped short because of limited opportunities. We send our warmest thoughts to Jimmy Kimmel and his family, and thank him for shining a light on congenital heart disease and its implications.

You can watch the video HERE.


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Surgeons of Hope Celebrates its Annual ‘One Night for Hope’ Gala

Surgeons of Hope (SOH), a non-profit organization that performs pediatric and adolescent heart surgeries in Latin America, will host its Annual ‘One Night for Hope’ Gala on Thursday, May 4, 2017 from 7:00-11:00 p.m. at the Essex House in New York City. This year’s gala will honor Mr. Phillip Morris Glass, an American composer considered one of the most influential music makers of the 21st century; include a fashion show by Henry Picado, fashion designer and CEO of ESTE & CHLO; and be emceed by Chloe Melas, CNN Entertainment Reporter.

“Being able to be part of such a special night for Surgeons of Hope is truly an honor,” says Melas. “The work they are doing for families all over the world is inspiring and they are giving the greatest gift of all — life. It’s organizations like Surgeons of Hope that restores my faith in humanity.”

Surgeons of Hope’s mission is to create a world in which every infant and child with a damaged heart has an equal opportunity to receive life-saving surgery. Worldwide, over one million children are born with congenital heart conditions every year. In Nicaragua and Costa Rica, heart-related complications are a leading cause of child mortality. In addition, access to pediatric care is not readily available. Hospitals in these locations also often have outdated or non-functioning equipment.

Currently SOH operates in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, and will soon expand its operations to one or two new countries in Latin America. SOH sends pediatric cardiologists from leading hospitals around the world to conduct pre-operative care, surgeries, and post-operative care to its heart centers in Nicaragua and Costa Rica. While doing this, doctors train local teams, so that the care and model is sustainable and community-oriented. Since 2008, SOH has constructed an advanced cardiac center, provided training to local medical teams, screened thousands of patients and operated on close to 800 children in Nicaragua. Their work in Costa Rica started in October of 2014, when SOH’s President, Dr. da Cruz was invited to travel to San Jose to help enhance an existing surgical program at the Hospital Nacional De Ninos (National Children’s Hospital). Since their intervention there, SOH has operated on hundreds of patients.

The ‘One Night for Hope’ Gala will aim to raise awareness and money for life-threatening pediatric congenital heart conditions that require emergency care and surgery – in countries like Costa Rica and Nicaragua – where access to this care is not readily available. Surgeons of Hope makes it possible to screen, treat, and educate local families and doctors.

“I’m very fortunate to do something that I truly love,” says Executive Director Charles-Edouard Catherine. “Being able to help thousands of families, train those promising doctors is incredibly rewarding. Our programs are going well, 2016 was our best year ever! This Gala will help us keep this incredible momentum and save many, many more lives.”

For more information about the gala and for information on how to buy tickets, please visit





This is a very busy week for the Foundation!

On Tuesday, our Executive Director, Charles Catherine received a Humanitarian Prize at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Paris. It was a very inspiring night!

France 24 will broadcast this beautiful segment on Sunday about Surgeons of Hope (it’s in French): Watch it here. 

Tomorrow morning, a team from the Hospital Infantil de Mexico led by Dr. Sergio Ruiz González will fly to Nicaragua to support our Heart Center in Managua. It will be the first team from Mexico to ever join our program. 

Please think of those wonderful volunteers this weekend, they will donate a week of their time to train our doctors and to operate on many children!

If you want to support our next mission, you can make a donation here.

And don’t forget to like our Facebook page! We will post a lot of pictures here.

We are on a powerful dynamic, thank you for your support.

Together, we are saving many lives!





INVIVOX and the SURGEONS of HOPE Foundation team up to facilitate the training of Doctors

New York, 1st of March

French-American start-up and the New York based foundation « Surgeons of Hope » are delighted to announce their partnership in the field of Medical Education.

Since its inception in Sept 2016, Invivox offers the global Medical community the possibility to connect on its platform in order to find practical training with another doctor (expert in his/her field). Invivox is referred to as the ‘airbnb’ of continuing medical training.

Surgeons of Hope sponsors surgical teams to travel to developing countries and operate on children, equipping and supplying the local hospital as needed. While there, the teaching team works in collaboration with the local medical team to provide training in and access to modern procedures. That training provides the seeds for sustainability.


“In addition to medical education, the Experts trainers on Invivox willing to support the Surgeons of Hope Foundation now have the possibility to donate the revenues of the trainings to the Foundation. By doing so, they offer their financial contribution to the medical training of their colleagues in developing countries” adds JulienDelpech, CEO of Invivox.


According to Charles-Edouard Catherine, executive Director of Surgeons of Hope, “Invivox and Surgeons of Hope clearly have a lot in common. We both focus on Medical Education, we have the same audience, and we both want to create synergies between Doctors who simply want to share their valuable knowledge. This partnership is a perfect fit!”


INVIVOX is a global medical platform that connects medical experts and practitioners to offer practical on-site training (in the operating room) on a one-on-one basis.


It is an unconscionable loss that a child dies anywhere in the world from a heart defect due to lack of resources for proper care, when a child living in the most remote area of the U.S. with the same heart defect would be easily cured. SoH seeks to narrow that disparity by living up to its motto: “It’s Not What We Bring. It’s What We Leave Behind“. SoH sponsors surgical teams to travel to developing countries and operate on children, equipping and supplying the local hospital as needed. While there, the teaching team works in collaboration with the local medical team to provide training in and access to modern procedures. That training provides the seeds for sustainability…”What We Leave Behind”. Where appropriate, we also construct, equip, and supply a modern Surgical Center in that country to serve as an educational surgical unit for the surrounding region. In short, we are curing, training, and building as a key to narrowing the medical resource gap between the developed and the developing nations.


Invivox : Julien Delpech, CEO :
Surgeons of Hope : Charles-Edouard Catherine, Director :



Dear friend,

With the New Year around the corner, I want to thank you once again for all that you’ve done to support the Surgeons of Hope Foundation and our work. We started the Foundation 15 years ago with one great idea: every child should have access to heart surgery. 

Today, I am proud to report that 2016 has been a record-breaking year for Surgeons of Hope!

Let me illustrate this statement with a few stats:

In our program in Costa Rica, the mortality rate is down to 1.4% from 8% in just two years time, and the average hospital stay has been divided in half.

In Nicaragua, the number of heart surgeries completed at La Mascota has more than doubled over the past two years, boasting 167 surgeries this year compared to 2014’s 75.

And all together, our teams screened 17,776 children this year. That’s right, we impacted many, many lives!

Now, I have some great news. If you live in New York City and if you want to stay fit while supporting our cause, then come and join me on January 6! SoulCycle has graciously partnered with us to hold our Cycle for Children’s Hearts event at their 19th Street location. Individuals of all activity levels are encouraged to participate. For more information and to purchase tickets, please click here.

You are not into cycling? No worries, you can still come to another great event! Surgeons of Hope will be hosting a charity concert on January 30th at the National America Opera Center, featuring the French opera star David Serero. Don’t miss out on this exciting evening! Tickets are available here.

You don’t like music either? Ok, I have one more suggestion. You can give a Meaningful Gift This Holiday Season. A healthy heart, what better gift could there be?

Donate Today!

I am so proud of our accomplishments, thank you again for your continued support. 2016 was incredible for Surgeons of Hope, I can’t wait to see what we will accomplish together in 2017!

98% of children who die before the age of  five are in the developing world.
Help us expand access to life-saving heart care.

Charles-Edouard CATHERINE
Executive Director
Surgeons of Hope Foundation


2016 was a truly amazing year of growth for Surgeons of Hope! February brought our first mission to Costa Rica, an impressive success that heightened our presence in Central America. In Nicaragua, the local medical team is now performing four surgeries per week on their own. Since its opening just three years ago, our new Pediatric Heart Center of Nicaragua has come a long way. In addition to teams from the US, we’ve brought teams from all over the world, including Spain, Portugal, Belgium, France, and Colombia.












Overall, 16,000 children have been screened by our teams in Nicaragua and in Costa Rica, of whom more than 400 have been operated on. The positive impact on those children’s families is significant at so many levels, but the common denominator isSurgeons of Hope.

Tomorrow, Pr. Dominique Metras will lead our last mission of the year, this will be his third trip to Managua. This mission is funded by a generous grant from our partner, Let it Beat Foundation. 10 Children will be operated on in collaboration with the local team, and dozens of patients will be screened.












We have gained momentum thanks to your support, saving more children this year than in any prior year. Thanks to your generosity, we expect that number to grow in 2017. We are deeply grateful for your spirit, dedication, and commitment to Surgeons of Hope. We are excited and ready for what the future will bring, with your help!

Your support means everything to us. The children of Latin America thank you! Donate to Surgeons of Hope and go to Carnegie Hall!

If you donate between today and #GivingTuesday (November 29) you will automatically enter into a raffle for a chance to win a Pair of tickets to Virgil Boutellis-Taft’s concert at Carnegie Hall!

Please donate today!

(The winner will be chosen and notified on Wednesday, November 30)

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World Heart Day

Today is #WorldHeartDay; a day to spread awareness of cardiovascular disease.

It is unconscionable that thousands of children around the world still die from treatable heart defects due to lack of resources. These children deserve to be given a chance to live and show the world their astonishing talents!

Mackinzie Kline, an American female golfer started out her athletic career as a teen sensation. She ranked number one in the world according to the Junior Amateur Ranking at the mere age of 14. It’s hard for one to believe that she was born with heterotaxy syndrome, a heart defect where the heart has only one ventricle. Without corrective surgery, most children with Heterotaxy syndrome and significant heart problems will not survive beyond the first year of life. For someone who lives with 80 per cent of the average person’s oxygen and has no aerobic capacity at all, a life in sport would not seem to be the obvious choice. But Mac has been a golf fanatic ever since she was first introduced to the game at the age of five, by when, according to her original prognosis, she should theoretically have died.

Thanks to your support, we can provide hundreds of children with the same opportunity each year. Thank you!

In this video, you will discover Holman’s story, one of our former patients. He received heart surgery in 2009. A few months ago, he had the opportunity to reconnect with the cardiologist that helped save his life. Now Holman studies medicine in Managua, he is the first of his family to go to college!

Surgeons of Hope has been leading a global fight against heart disease for 15 years. Our teams saved hundreds of children like Holman! Celebrate this anniversary and our work! Thanks to an anonymous donor, every donation will be matched per dollar until December 31, 2016.


Surgeons of Hope at the United Nations



Dear friend,

We have some exciting news! Thanks to the Association des Français Fonctionnaires Internationaux de New York (AFFIN), we will hold our next event at the United Nations! His Excellency Mr. François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations will give an introductory speech. So join us next week at the United Nations Headquarters!

The focus of the evening will be a panel of some of the amazing and inspiring doctors who volunteer with Surgeons of Hope. They will discuss their experiences and answer any questions you may have. In addition to the panel, there will be a meet and greet with the doctors and a showing of a video that captures all of the wonderful work done by Surgeons of Hope.

His Excellency Mr. Juan Carlos Mendoza Garcia, Permanent Representative of Costa Rica to the United Nations, and Her Excellency Mrs. Maria Rubiales de Chamorro, Permanent Representative of Nicaragua to the United Nations will comment on Surgeons of Hope’s work in their respective countries.

Registration is free, but space is very limited, so be sure to sign up soon! The event will take place on Tuesday September 6, 2016 at 6 PM in conference room 8 at the UN Headquarters (46th Street and 1st Avenue).


Sign Up Now

Your support means everything to us.

Please visit our website at

Donate to our cause at

Address postal inquiries to:

Surgeons of Hope Foundation

One Penn Plaza – 5th floor, suite 400

New York, NY 10119


 Your support means everything to us. 

Please visit our website at
Donate to our cause at



Surgeons of Hope is a 501c3 registered organization based in New York

Our Mission:

 It is an unconscionable loss that a child dies anywhere in the world
from a heart defect due to lack of resources for proper care, when a
child living in the most remote area of the U.S. with the same heart
defect would be easily cured. Surgeons of Hope seeks to narrow that
disparity by living up to its motto: “It’s Not What We Bring. It’s What
We Leave Behind”.

Intern Position:

Interns report directly to the Executive Director

Our Intern will help organize and implement our fundraisers. It is
important the applicant be organized and have an eye for detail.
Previous experience in development or special events preferred.

Our intern will also help us look for potential grantors and large

Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:

* Assisting with data entry and administrative tasks associated with the

* Assisting with event invitation, program, and registration materials

* Help manage donations and acknowledgements & interact with donors

Applicants should possess excellent oral and written communications
skills, a positive attitude, and enthusiasm for humanitarian work.


working with Microsoft Office is necessary; experience with eTapestry is
a plus.

Applications are for the fall session, with a commitment needed for
September – December.

To Apply

To apply, please email resume and cover letter outlining your
experience, interest, and availability to:

Yolliann Rodriguez

Executive Assistant

Applications will be accepted until midnight July 31, 2016.

For more information about Surgeons of Hope, visit [1]

Education Level: BA Degree preferred, Junior/Senior Undergraduate
students welcome to apply

Deadline: 07/31/2016

Work in progress

This is a very special year for Surgeons of Hope as we celebrate 15 years of helping young hearts in Latin America realize their full potential. Thanks to you and your support we are now able to connect with more families and make a bigger difference.

At this moment a surgery team from Madrid (Spain) is performing in Managua. 9 children will receive heart  surgery. The first patients are doing wellOur hope for continued success is in your hands as we look forward to many more years of delivering hope to those who need it most.

Holman’s Story

Little Yvonne


Thanks to your support, Yvonne is well on her way to a normal childhood. On March 11, she received her heart operation in Managua at the skilled hands of a volunteer surgical team from Belgium. Only 7 months old, she weighed just under 10 pounds, so she needed to gain some weight to be strong enough to survive the complex operation. But she did, and she was released from the hospital on March 22!



In these photos Yvonne is seen with her father, Danny, before her operation, and again when she was ready to go home. Yvonne is the first child born to Danny and Margery. They live in the northern part of Nicaragua, near the border with Honduras. This and so many more stories are the irrefutable proof that our program is working as we envision a world where other children like Yvonne have access to heart surgery when and where they need it.

Thanks to our dedicated staff, our donors, our medical volunteers, we can make these stories real. Thank you for being part of that wonderful story!

Please click here to donate, or send a check (payable to Surgeons of Hope) to:

Surgeons of Hope Foundation
Attn: C. E. Catherine
One Penn Plaza, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10119

Your support means everything to us.

Please visit our website at
Donate to our cause at

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