Volunteer with Us

The success of the Surgeons of Hope mission depends on the generosity, knowledge, and skills of our medical volunteers. From training medical teams in developing countries to providing life-saving surgery for children with heart defects, our volunteers make a difference where it matters most.

Interested in volunteering on a future medical mission? To learn more, contact us at info@surgeonsofhope.org.

  • “I have seen first-hand the tremendous contribution made by our volunteers serving on our mission teams. They come from leading children’s hospitals in the U.S., Europe, and South America. Eager to share their healing and teaching talents, they volunteer long hours of service at the Pediatric Heart Center enduring intensive week-long schedules of surgery, intensive care, and training of the local team. We salute our volunteers. Surgeons of Hope could not exist without them.”

    Leila Hawken
    Leila Hawken Former Executive Assistant, Surgeons of Hope Foundation 2014 mission to Nicaragua
  • "My wife Pascale, our daughter, Olivia and I visited Nicaragua in February 2014. We saw the new Pediatric Heart Clinic. Ten children were being cared for and we were impressed by how efficient everything seemed. One little girl was having some breathing difficulty, but a local young surgeon was professionally tending to her along with the nurse head of the ICU. One easily could have been in a hospital in a developed country with all the modern equipment, cleanliness and efficiency. We were equally very impressed by Nicaragua. There was no feeling of insecurity, things were orderly and roads excellent."

    Robert Pine
    Robert Pine Former Treasurer North Shore LIJ Health System
  • “I really enjoyed working with the Nicaraguan surgeons, the amazing support staff (who helped me find anything I needed despite my anemic medical Spanish skills), and the medical student interpreters. Also, there is great personal satisfaction in realizing that one can deliver good, safe, effective care with limited resources.”

    Sarena Teng, MD
    Sarena Teng, MD Anesthesiologist, Children’s Hospital Colorado 2013 Mission to Nicaragua
  • “Hopefully the children we cared for will now live much longer, stronger lives. It was an honor to help care for them. I will also remember how well we worked as a team and how fortunate we are to live and work without the challenges that are faced by the Nicaraguan people every day. I will remember the hospitality at the Hotel Los Pinos, the gratitude of the Nicaraguan surgeons and the dedication to the cause and gratitude for our efforts”

    Craig McRobb, MPS, CCP
    Craig McRobb, MPS, CCP Perfusionist, Children’s Hospital Colorado 2013 Mission to Nicaragua