Celebrate World Heart Day with Jewelry to Benefit Surgeons of Hope

Today is World Heart Day when we are asked to consider children who suffer from heart trouble at a too-young age, regardless of where they are in the world.  Whether they are born with a problem in their hearts or acquire it in early childhood, it can mean a weakened childhood where that child is unable to lead the life of a normal child.  Such children often fail to thrive.  Surgeons of Hope seeks to change that pattern, providing access to corrective heart operations to children in Latin America, training for the local medical specialists, and eventually building a new hospital to continue the progress.

You can help these children on this special day by considering the purchase of Cardissa of Paris Jewelry.  A portion of each purchase using the information given in the images will be sent to Surgeons of Hope and put to work in our program of repairing congenital and acquired heart defects in these poor children in Latin America.  Read more about our program on our website: https://www.surgeonsofhope.iconstrategiesbpo.com/