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Exactly one week has passed since Surgeons of Hope proudly proudly hosted Cocktails for a Cause, a fundraising event dedicated to celebrating the people who make our mission possible and witnessing the positive impact we bring to the lives of the children we support. Our night was filled with much enjoyment at the Ivy Terrace, where guests  basked in the perfect weather while relishing specialty cocktails and indulging in delectable hors d’oeuvres. The evening’s highlights included the exhilarating live auctions, a silent auction featuring amazing experiences and wonderful art by the Student Arts League, and, most importantly, a compelling look back at our work over the past year through a touching video presentation.

We were privileged to host Ambassador Carlos Alberto Ortíz, the UN representative from Paraguay, at our event. Thanks to the remarkable achievements of our live and silent auctions, along with the live ask segment, we successfully met our goal to receive a generous matching donation from our former board member and steadfast supporter, Michael Katz. The funds raised and the valuable connections established have brought us a significant step closer to ensuring that children with Congenital Heart Defects (CHD) in Latin America receive the vital care they need.

Our heartfelt gratitude extends to our dedicated board members, the event committee, our enthusiastic volunteers, sponsors, and most importantly, to the children and families we serve. They have entrusted us with the care of their children, and we remain committed to our mission.

Meet Franciele, a pediatric cardiologist training in echocardiography training in Spain from June 2023 to December 2023 with the support of SOH and Hospital Gregorio Maranon in Spain. In a world where every heartbeat matters, the role of a pediatric cardiologist trained in echocardiography is undeniably crucial. The early diagnosis of congenital heart disease (CHD) holds the key to transforming lives and shaping a brighter future for children around the globe. By emphasizing the importance of training these specialized medical professionals, we can make significant strides in addressing CHD and its impact, especially in the developing world.

Congenital heart disease is the most common birth defect, affecting millions of children worldwide. Without timely detection and intervention, it can lead to serious health complications and even loss of life. However, with advancements in medical technology, echocardiography has emerged as a powerful tool in diagnosing CHD at its earliest stages. By using ultrasound imaging to visualize the structure and function of the heart, pediatric cardiologists can identify anomalies and provide timely interventions, greatly improving outcomes for affected children.

In the developing world, the burden of CHD is particularly significant due to limited resources and access to specialized care. Many children in these regions face challenges ranging from delayed diagnosis to limited treatment options. However, by training pediatric cardiologists in echocardiography, we can bridge this gap and ensure that children receive the care they deserve.

Early detection of CHD is essential for several reasons. First, it enables healthcare providers to offer appropriate medical interventions, such as medication or surgical procedures, at the earliest opportunity. This early intervention significantly improves the chances of successful treatment and minimizes long-term complications. Second, early diagnosis allows families to prepare emotionally and financially for the journey ahead, ensuring that they have the support they need during this critical time.

In the developing world, where healthcare infrastructure is often under-resourced, training pediatric cardiologists in echocardiography is a game-changer. It equips them with the skills and knowledge to accurately identify CHD in infants and children, even in resource-limited settings. These healthcare heroes become beacons of hope, bringing specialized care to underserved communities and breaking the cycle of limited access to quality medical services.

To address the status of CHD in the developing world, it is vital to advocate for increased investment in healthcare infrastructure, training programs, and the provision of necessary medical equipment. By partnering with local communities, governments, and international organizations, we can work towards building sustainable solutions that empower pediatric cardiologists and healthcare professionals to diagnose and treat CHD effectively.

The journey of a pediatric cardiologist trained in echocardiography is not just about interpreting images or diagnosing medical conditions. It is about transforming lives, instilling hope, and shaping a healthier future for our children. Every child deserves the chance to thrive, and by empowering these medical professionals, we can create a world where every heartbeat is heard, cherished, and given the opportunity to flourish.

Surgeons of Hope strives to create a world in which every infant and child with a damaged heart has an equal opportunity to receive life-saving surgery

A Call to Action

From August 27, 2023 to September 1, 2023 Surgeons of Hope will join over 40 Global Arch members at the 8th World Congress of Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery. This event will bring together invited patient and family organizations, clinicians, and humanitarian organizations from around the world to learn from each other and create a unified voice for those affected by childhood-onset heart disease. During the conference, an urgent Call to Action will be presented urging all governments, all health and development agencies, and the world research and academic community to protect and promote the health of all people with pediatric and congenital heart diseases. Please sign on to show your support.

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Meet Jhonatan, a heart hero who underwent a life-changing open-heart surgery to correct truncus back in March 2019. Truncus arteriosus," also called "common truncus." It's a condition where babies are born with just one highway instead of two that come out of their heart. They also have only one traffic light controlling the blood flow instead of the usual two. 🚦


This mix-up leads to a problem because the oxygen-rich blood gets all mixed up with the oxygen-poor blood. This means that too much blood goes to the lungs, and the poor heart must work extra hard to pump blood to the rest of the body. 💔 Children, like Jhonatan, with this condition need a special surgery to fix their heart and blood vessels. Fast forward to 2023, Jonathan had the opportunity to express his heartfelt gratitude to the extraordinary doctors who transformed his life.

Watch Holman’s Story

Holman received lifesaving surgery 6 years ago, when he was just 12 years old. We were able to reconnect with Holman and his doctor. This compelling story was captured on video and truly embodies the Surgeons of Hope mission.