Surgical Mission to Paraguay

In April, a team of 17 individuals from Spain, 1 from Nicaragua, 2 representatives from Surgeons of Hope and one from Mending Kids, devoted a week of their time to participate in a life-saving mission. From April 15-22, the team conducted surgeries and catherizations on over 30 children aged between 2 months and 17 years in Paraguay over a five-day period. During this time the team had the privilege of getting to know the children on a personal level, learning about their aspirations, daily lives, interests, and favorite school subjects. This was the first time that Surgeons of Hope had partnered with Mending Kids, and the collaboration proved to be a great success. Not only were the teams able to work together on a medical mission but they were also able to meet with the local UNICEF office and the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Paraguay to discuss potential areas of collaboration and support. These meetings provided valuable insights into the needs and challenges facing the healthcare system in Paraguay and laid the groundwork for future initiatives to improve healthcare access and outcomes in the region.

Overall, the surgical mission to Paraguay was a testament to the power of collaboration and the importance of global health initiatives. Through the efforts of Surgeons of Hope, Mending Kids, and their local partners, over 30 children were able to receive life-changing medical treatment, and valuable connections were established that will help to improve healthcare access and outcomes in the region for years to come.

Below are a few pictures of the mission: