Meet Little Yvonne

Thanks to your support, Yvonne is well on her way to a normal childhood. On March 11, she received her heart operation in Managua at the skilled hands of a volunteer surgical team from Belgium. Only 7 months old, she weighed just under 10 pounds, so she needed to gain some weight to be strong enough to survive the complex operation. But she did, and she was released from the hospital on March 22!

Meet Little Yvonne
Yvonne, a child who received open-heart surgery



In these photos Yvonne is seen with her father, Danny, before her operation, and again when she was ready to go home. Yvonne is the first child born to Danny and Margery. They live in the northern part of Nicaragua, near the border with Honduras. This and so many more stories are the irrefutable proof that our program is working as we envision a world where other children like Yvonne have access to heart surgery when and where they need it.

Thanks to our dedicated staff, our donors, our medical volunteers, we can make these stories real. Thank you for being part of that wonderful story!

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