Anyone can be a victim of congenital heart disease, even the most fortunate

Two weeks ago the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” show, which usually welcomes millions of viewers daily, went silent.  After a week without any public appearance, Kimmel came back on his show on Monday, explaining that he had just spent the most difficult days of his life following the birth of his son, born with a congenital heart disease. He went through the details of the procedures, from the moment a nurse detected the heart murmur to the surgery, and finally to bringing little Billy back home. Thankfully, Kimmel had many resources and contacted different doctors and surgeons to provide the best surgery and care for his newborn son, but it doesn’t take away the fear and helplessness he must’ve felt.

In his very emotional monologue, which has been seen (as of today) 10.5 million times on YouTube, Jimmy Kimmel stresses the financial and political support that children’s hospitals need to save children in situations like these.

Of course, Jimmy Kimmel is fortunate enough to have an easy access to the complex surgeries that heart diseases require, but for many it’s a luxury that few can afford. Surgeons of Hope strives to give every sick child and their parents the same chance and the same resources for cardiac surgery, so that no life gets stopped short because of limited opportunities. We send our warmest thoughts to Jimmy Kimmel and his family, and thank him for shining a light on congenital heart disease and its implications.

You can watch the video HERE.


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