Surgical Mission to Paraguay

Surgeons of Hope’s first surgical mission after the pandemic was a success. A medical team from France, led by Dr. Dominique Metras, arrived in Paraguay on December 11, 2022 and perfomed  corrective surgeries for congenital heart defects on nine children at the Hospital Pediátrico “Niños de Acosta Ñu” in San Lorenzo. The team consisted of two surgeons, a cardiologist, an anesthesiologist, a perfusionist and three ICU nurses. They were accompanied by two members of the Surgeons of Hope Foundation.

For the nine children and their families, the holidays were full of hope. Coming from different regions of the country, nine girls and boys with had access to highly complex corrective surgeries, through a joint collaboration between the cardiology team of the general pediatric hospital “Niños de Acosta Ñu” and their peers, cardiologists, heart surgeons, anesthesiologists and nurses of the Surgeons of Hope Foundation Inc. who came from France and the USA.

Dr. Nancy Garay, head of Cardiology at Acosta Ñu, commented that the results of the surgeries, which took place from December 12 to 16, were successful.
Resident physicians and cardiologists in training also participated in training talks. The professionals described the experience as positive, both in terms of the surgical mission, as well as the knowledge they shared on surgery and anesthesia techniques, with faster recovery in the post-surgery period.

This is Fernando’s mom:

Surgeons of Hope was able to reach out to patient who was operated on during our first mission in 2029.

This is Brenda’s mom: