Philips Catheterization Lab Installed in Managua
philips-catheterization-lab arriving in managua

A $1M Catheterization Lab donated by the manufacturer, Philips Healthcare, is now installed at our Pediatric Heart Center in Managua, Nicaragua. We gratefully celebrate this new arrival at our hospital!

A Cath Lab (as it is known for short) is a super-sophisticated piece of equipment that allows doctors to perform less invasive diagnosis of complex cardiac problems

where minute anatomic details are unclear in echocardiograms. This information is vital before proceeding to surgery. A cath lab also performs interventional catheterizations, allowing doctors to perform cardiac and vascular procedures without needing to open the patient’s chest. It is done by threading miniature devices through blood vessels until they reach the patient’s heart. Recovery is swift and comfortable.

Dean Rindlisbach, Product Support Engineer at Philips Healthcare said: “Philips is proud to donate this cardiac cath lab, because that is the kind of company we are! I hope you enjoy the photos and smile as I am right now.”