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Dear Friend and Supporter of Surgeons of Hope,

With profound gratitude, we are celebrating continuing progress in Latin America. With your help, we are narrowing the gap between pediatric heart care available in our world, but out of reach for children born into impoverished circumstances in the poorest countries.

Please continue your interest in Surgeons of Hope. The end of the year is approaching, and you may be thinking of how to direct your end-of-the-year giving. A donation to Surgeons of Hope (a 501(c)(3) organization) is fully tax-deductible.

Progress this year has been beyond our expectations. 2015 has seen multiple surgical mission teams traveling from Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Colombia, France and the US to provide surgery and training at our new Pediatric Heart Center in Managua. Our Center is seeing greater numbers of patients thanks to increased staffing levels, bringing us nearer to the final phases of our work there. The new catheterization laboratory is functioning, and we are now organizing missions to provide healing interventions using this technology. Also, we are envisioning a program of prevention of rheumatic fever to keep the young children from developing heart problems due to the ravaging effect of this disease on cardiac valves.

In January, we are sending a team from New York Presbyterian Hospital to Costa Rica to advise and help an existing pediatric cardiology and cardiac surgery program improving outcomes and quality processes. The Costa Rican program will become a lighthouse within the future Central American Network of Cardiac Care, our ultimate objective in the region. In 2016, we will also begin a multi-phase commitment in Peru, where quality heart care is presently out of the reach of poor children in remote rural regions.

As you can imagine, participation at all financial levels can truly make a difference. A small donation will help to buy much-needed supplies; a larger commitment will provide a giant step forward in our program, helping to finance a mission or purchase a piece of expensive equipment. It is all vital. Equally important to us and to the Latin American children and their families is that you are with us in spirit, as well as supporting us.

When you make a year-end gift, please let us know the name of your employer, so that we may apply for a matching gift, if your employer offers that benefit. As a further inducement, our board members have contributed a fund of $10,000 to be used for matching your donation to this campaign scheduled to end on December 31 or whenever the board fund is fully expended. Give now to make your dollars go even further! Thank you for your support and enduring friendship.

With gratitude,

Dr. Eduardo Da Cruz
President, Surgeons of Hope

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Pr. Fragata remained at the bedside of little Ariel (11) throughout the long night following a rigorous two surgeries that day on other children.  He is a renowned pediatric heart surgeon.  His dedication in concert with his whole team is evident in this remarkable photo, taken in the ICU.  The child came through just fine and is now at home.

This is why we do what we do, and why we ask you to help us now.

Your Support Means Everything

The new Heart Center in Nicaragua is a public hospital that offers care to less fortunate families whose children suffer from a variety of heart ailments and malformations. From baby-warming blankets to x-rays, your donations have made and will continue to make a tremendous difference.

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Your support means everything to us. The children of Nicaragua thank you!

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