World Heart Day

Today is #WorldHeartDay; a day to spread awareness of cardiovascular disease.

It is unconscionable that thousands of children around the world still die from treatable heart defects due to lack of resources. These children deserve to be given a chance to live and show the world their astonishing talents!

Mackinzie Kline, an American female golfer started out her athletic career as a teen sensation. She ranked number one in the world according to the Junior Amateur Ranking at the mere age of 14. It’s hard for one to believe that she was born with heterotaxy syndrome, a heart defect where the heart has only one ventricle. Without corrective surgery, most children with Heterotaxy syndrome and significant heart problems will not survive beyond the first year of life. For someone who lives with 80 per cent of the average person’s oxygen and has no aerobic capacity at all, a life in sport would not seem to be the obvious choice. But Mac has been a golf fanatic ever since she was first introduced to the game at the age of five, by when, according to her original prognosis, she should theoretically have died.

Thanks to your support, we can provide hundreds of children with the same opportunity each year. Thank you!

In this video, you will discover Holman’s story, one of our former patients. He received heart surgery in 2009. A few months ago, he had the opportunity to reconnect with the cardiologist that helped save his life. Now Holman studies medicine in Managua, he is the first of his family to go to college!

Surgeons of Hope has been leading a global fight against heart disease for 15 years. Our teams saved hundreds of children like Holman! Celebrate this anniversary and our work! Thanks to an anonymous donor, every donation will be matched per dollar until December 31, 2016.